Top 5 Blenders Under 100 Dollars

Top 5 Blenders Under 100 Dollars

Blender is an important tool of kitchen and every kitchen should have it. Blenders can serve many purposes along with juicing and puree. You can make frozen drinks, smoothies, salsas, dips, veloute soups, baby food, ice cream, or even grind meat. There are thousands of blenders available in the market and it becomes really tough to choose the best one at reasonable prices. The range differs from professional blenders to household blenders.

Mentioned below is a list of best blenders under $100 based on reviews available by customers:

1. Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL204)

This product of Ninja is best for making smoothie and blend things. It is easy to clean it up and even your kids can use it. This amazing blender can even make you cookies. You just have to use the cookie paddle and you will love the cookies made out of it. However, the jar on the Ninja Pulse can not hold all the cookie recipes unless cut in half. You have to stop frequently in order to scrape the sides of the jar which can be time consuming. This model is so powerful and you can use it for food processing also. It cuts fairly even pieces. Perfect for making frozen drinks and smoothies, easy to clean and small enough to keep it anywhere in the kitchen, you can buy this model for $79.99.

2. KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender with Polycarbonate Jars

It is one of the best known blenders due to the quality it offers to the customers. It is designed in a way that the blades are coupled with motor. The power of motor is 0.9hp which is equal to 750 watts. You can blend almost everything in this blender and this will solve your issues of chunks that are usually left in your smoothies. This is one of oldest and trusted brands in blenders and has been known for the great quality it offers. This blender is dishwasher safe and has stainless steel blades. A pitcher with the capacity of 56 ounce and automatic crush ice button make it even more awesome. It also offers clean touch control pad with 1 year hassle free replacement. It is available for $59.99.

Top 5 Blenders Under 100 Dollars!

3. Oster Counterforms 6-Cup Glass Jar 7-Speed Blender, Brushed Stainless Steel
This Oster Counterforms blender has a powerful motor of 600 watt and 7 speed settings along with high and low pulse. The special thing about this blender is that it has reversing motor which can alternate the movement of the 6-point star blade forward and backward for best results. The pitcher is large enough which is thermal shock tested. It is a user friendly machine which offers an easy one touch operation access. The pre programming for frozen drink is amazing and you will love the outcome. It does not emit any heat or bad smell even if you run it for a longer while. If you are looking for basic, powerful and reliable blender, then this one is for you. It costs $59.99.

4. Hamilton Beach 54615 Wavestation Express Dispensing Blender with 48-Ounce Jar

It is a great blender with 48 ounce pitcher. It is very powerful as it has 500 watts of peak power and wave action system forces that makes it a perfect choice for frozen cocktails. For those who can not afford expensive blenders, this one is for you all. It makes perfect green smoothies and is quite powerful. The company offers 3 years of warranty. It is light weighted plastic made and is dishwasher friendly. It also offers 4 speed plus pulse. This is available for $32.99.

5. Cuisinar CPB-300 SmartPower 15-Piece Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System

This blender has a powerful motor of 350 watts with a sleekelectronic touchpad and LED indicator lights. It also possesses auto stop and standby mode features which make it stand out of the crowd. Blades are ultra sharp made up of stainless steel and it offers high, low and pulse controls. It also comes with 16-ounce to go cups and one8-ounce chopper cup. It does not make much noise and is easy to operate. You can use it for various purposes like making soups, smoothies, chopping vegetables into purees, grinding coffee, whipping cream, chopping nuts and blending hot soups. It is also dishwasher friendly and it costs $58.29.


vitamix reviews

Although you can find some vitamix reviews on Amazon, Google and even Youtube, most of them look like sale pitches rather than expert, third party reviews. We try to be as honest as possible in this Vitamix review. Vitamix has created a niche in the market for it’s products. Blenders of vitamix offer so many functions that make life easier. From 7 years warranty to larger pitcher for more space for fruits and vegetables to different speeds that maximize extracts of fruits and vegetables, all these functions make Vitamix a top brand in the blender market.

vitamix reviews
vitamix reviews

Favorable reviews:

Although these blenders and juicers are quite high in price but they offer more and different functions when compared with other regular juicers and blenders. For high price, you can buy these products on instalments as some websites or showrooms offer interest free instalments. You can even make nut butters using vitamix blender which you can not make with any other regular blender. Whenever you buy something you should check the drawbacks first then favorable functions. The best part in vitamix blenders and juicers is that they are less likely to offer any drawback and if something wrong goes, they take care of it without any delay.

The jars of vitamix products have more snug fitting lids and machines are more powerful than other blenders. These machines can do a lot more than just juicing and making sweet drinks. Along with making amazing pasta sauces, pestos and savory dips you can also puree roasted eggplant to add to chicken stock for soup. If you don’t like making variety of dishes and just stick to morning smoothies or juices, then you may not require this much of power. It is good for those who love experimenting and making different dishes using fresh ingredients. It is way above an average kitchen blender.

Generally, when you make juices, you loss all the fibers, but vitamix blender give you superb texture and at the same time you get all the fibers, vitamins and nutrients. The lid does not let your juice or smoothie leak out of the jar. Vitamix also manufacture their products with an additional tool called tamper which is a patented accessory. This tool helps you mix the ingredients while blending. With the help of tamper, you can mix and blend the bigger ingredients with ease. Electronic controls of vitamix blenders are very soft to touch that even an elderly person can operate it. You can also create your own ice creams using the recipe book offered by vitamix with their blenders. Moreover, to make soups, you don’t need to have oven or stoves. Your vitamix blender is capable enough of making a health soup for you and your kids.

Critics review:

1-Some people feel the burning smell while blending. The customer support agents say that the smell comes during first few uses due to burning of rubber or oils. Spending this much of amount and going through bad smell is not worth it.

2- The pitcher is not dishwasher safe.

3- Another drawback is that the base does not have strong lock. Though it has a rubber base to keep it from sliding but when in water it moves a lot and you have to hold it tightly.

4- The height of blender can also be unfavourable factor for some people. It is too tall to be fitted in your sink to wash it.

5- High Price- If you are simply looking for a juicer for easy and simple juice and smoothy recipes, then perhaps you are not the target audience for Vitamix blenders.

Soup Recipes using Blender

Ever thought about the things that you can make using blender other than smoothies and juices? When the weather is a bit cold outside, you don’t always enjoy juices and smoothies. A cup of soup can warm you up. Use the fresh ingredients and the recipes mentioned below are designed in a way to keep your soup healthy and tasty. Take a glance and enjoy your soup:

1. Squash soup

squash soup recipe

This soup contains ample of potassium, vitamins A and C, antioxidants, some good bacteria and folic acid. It is easy to make and is also easy on your digestive system.

1. Vegetable stock – 500 ml
2. Cubes of squash – 750gm
3. Red chopped onions – 2
4. Garlic cloves (halved) – 2
5. Live yogurt – 60 ml
6. Ground nutmeg – ¼ teaspoon
7. Water – 500 ml

1. Mix stock and water into a heavy based pan and boil them. Then add onions, squash and garlic and again boil the mixture. Now reduce the heat and cook it for about 15 minutes until the squash is smooth.
2. Now reserve the liquid by draining the vegetables using colander. Puree the mixture of squash until smooth using hand blender.
3. Now put the squash puree in the same pan and stir in the reserved liquid to reach the preferred consistency.
4. Sprinkle some nutmeg and cracked black pepper to taste. Serve the soup in two bowls and pour some live yogurt in swirl pattern. Enjoy your soup.

2. Carrot Orange and Ginger Soup

Carrot Orange and Ginger Soup recipe

Get ready to enjoy creamy, refreshing and light carrot soup with some hint of ginger and citrus.

1. Raw carrots – 1 ½ lbs
2. Vegetable stock – 3 cups
3. Filtered water – 3 cups
4. Whole orange – 1 or 1 cup
5. chopped sweet onion – ½ cup
6. Chopped stalk celery – 1
7. Chopped cloves of garlic – 2
8. Dates – 3-4
9. Fresh ginger root – 1 ½ inch
10. Coconut oil – 2 tablespoons
11. Orange zest – 1 tablespoon
12. Sea sat – 1 teaspoon
13. Cashew cheese to garnish

1. Toss coconut oil, garlic, onions, celery and sea salt in a wide pan and put the pan to medium heat to soften the ingredients. Cook them for about 5 – 8 minutes.
2. Now add chopped carrots and cook them for 10 minutes while allowing the vegetables to caramelize.
3. Then add filtered water and vegetable stock into the pan. Keep cooking until the carrots are fork tender. This may take 15 minutes.
4. Now pour the hot liquid, with due care, with vegetables in a high speed blender. You can also use emersion blender for this purpose. Add the remaining ingredients too and blend them until smooth.
5. Now at this point add ginger and orange and again blend them until smooth. At this point you can also adjust the liquid of your soup. For thinner soup, you can add more water or just let it be.
6. You can reheat it on the stove or put it in your fridge for leftovers. Garnish with your favourite stuff or cashew cheese.
Note: For lower sugar – Don’t add dates

3. Kale and white bean soup

Kale and white bean soup
Kale and white bean soup

This nutrient – rich soup is based on the Portuguese caldo verde or green soup.

1. Dried white kidney beans – 1 cup
2. Chopped onions – 2
3. Peeled garlic cloved – 6
4. Chopped watercress – 1 bunch
5. Chopped fresh parsley – 1 cup
6. Shredded kale – 6 cups
7. Salt – 1 ½ teaspoon or to taste
8. Pepper – ½ teaspoon
9. Extra virgin oil – 1 tablespoon

1. Soak your beans in 4 cups of cold water overnight and drain. Put beans, onions and garlic in 8 cups of water in a pan and boil them. Reduce the heat to simmer to get the tender beans. This may take 1 hour.

2. Remove 1 cup of the beans with the help of slotted spoon, set aside. Now add watercress and parsley to pot and heat it on simmer for about 5 minutes.

3. Puree the soup until smooth using blender or emersion blender. Add enough water to prepare 7 cups. Now get back to pan and add kale, reserved beans, salt and pepper. Bring the solution to boil. Now reduce the heat and cover your pan to get greens tender for about 40 minutes.

4. Serve the soup in bowls and drizzle with olive oil.

Vitamix CIA Professional Series Expert Review

 Vitamix CIA Professional Series: Pros And Cons Along With Comparison With Other Similar Products Of The Same Range

About Vitamix

Vitamix which is family owned and operated since 1921 is a leader of industry in high-performance blending technology and provides blending equipments of highest quality to its customer and foodservice industry in more than 80 countries through out the world. Every product is manufactured with finest materials, examined using finest strategy. That is why Vitamix has been recognised for its cutting-edge product innovation by magazines and award organizations.

It is trusted by more professional chefs and other chain restaurants than any other brand for creating various flavourful, delicious and fresh dishes using whole food ingredients. You can use it for making your breakfast, lunch and dinner along with quick preparation of various smoothies, drinks, nut butters, frozen deserts and salsas for your everyday life.

Vitamix joined with the Culinary Institute of America to design the CIA Professional Series which is the only blender trusted by the CIA to train the next generation of professional chefs. It has powerful motor and variable speed control that makes it stand out of the other bunches of blenders. However there are some cons and pros of using vitamix products which are mentioned below:

Vitamix CIA Professional Series



  • Risk-free trial

Vitamix is so confident about the excellent immediate performance of its products that it offers its customers risk free 30 days in-home trial. You can own a vitamix blender and you will experience comfort. Return it within 30 days and you will get full refund. Vitamix even pays for return shipping. You can try it and be sure of keeping it and you have ample of time to do so.


  • 7 Year warranty

Vitamix blenders come with 7 years of warranty on all the parts of the machine. A “machine” includes a motor, blender base and any containers purchased together. There is no requirement for separate registration of warranty, once you have bought it, you are automatically covered. The warranty is tied to the serial number you can find at the bottom of the blender base.


  • CIA Professional Series does not overheat

There lies a cooling fan alongside the thermal protection system which ensures that your blender does not overheat no matter how long it is used. The cooling fan is in synch with the blades to provide proportional cooling depending upon how hard the motor is running. The blender is smartly made that it automatically turns off if it feels the risk of burnout to prevent any mishappening in the kitchen.


  • Comes with recipe books

On purchase of any Vitamix CIA Professional Series blender, you will get some recipe books free to help you get started. There are many recipes available online on vitamix site, some of which are designed by professionals. So you can try your own style at your own comfort. Moreover, all the recipes are guaranteed to be healthy. So you don’t have to worry about your healthy, just enjoy the taste.


  • Tamper

Tamper is an ingenious device, patented by vitamix, to serve two purposes. The first purpose is to allow you to easily blend frozen and whole uncut ingredients by manually pressing them down into the blades. It will help you save time and money.

Second purpose is to prevent the formation of air pockets while blending which is also called cavitation. You don’t have to switch it off or shake the container or use spoon to remove the air pockets like you do in other blenders. The tamper will allow you to do the same while your blender is running. The tamper comes only in vitamix which is why it is more preferred over other brands.


  • Cleaning is easy

In order to clean your vitamix blender, you just have to add a few drops of dish wash detergent inside the container or jar with warm water. Then run your blender on high speed for about 45 seconds. Rinse it off with lukewarm water after it is done, then leave it to dry.


  • Capacity

The blender has a large capacity container which can accommodate up to 64 ounces of ingredients. And the blender performs brilliantly without any trouble even if you fill it with 64 ounces of ingredients.




  • Price

You can’t get a vitamix CIA Professional series blender for cheap. If you are planning to make smoothies for short term like 2-3 months and then you would not want to spend $450 to buy a blender. However, if you are planning for long term, then it is a great deal. Alternatively, you can use it for 30 days as free home trial.


  • Noise

The blender can create so much noise pollution. It can be very loud when it is used at higher speed settings. This is because motor of vitamix blender produces upward of 2 Horsepower. If you are residing at a place where noise can be a risk, then you should avoid buying it. The next series of 7500 and 750 models of vitamix are considered to make slightly less noise. (Buy a Vitamix 750 Series on Amazon here)


  • Chopping large solid foods

This blender lags behind a bit when it comes to chopping large amount of solid foods. You will have to cut the ingredients into small pieces for smooth blending of the ingredients. It can add more steps to your task ad can consume more time. You got the blender to minimize your work, then why to do this many of steps?


  • Height

The height of vitamix blenders is about 20 inches. They are hard to adjust in the sink and kitchen cabinets. That is why people go for other brands to make it easy to wash their blenders.


Comaprison With Other Products Of The Same Range

The 5200 range of blender varies from $449 to $649. The PRO Series 500 sells for $599, CIA Pro sells for $499 and Pro Series 200 sells for $449. Here are some points on comparisons among these models:

  • Professional, Consumer and Commercial

These lines are for different group of audiences. The vitamix 5200 is the latest model of the company which is designed for long-term use at home. It comes in various options such as basic, super, and deluxe, each of which has something different to offer in accessories. The professional series of vitamix was designed for professionals and chefs. It consists of the CIA Pro Series, Pro Series 200, and Pro Series 500. While on the other hand commercial models are only available through restaurant supply companies. Home models are made versatile but not commercial ones.


  • Similarities

All the prod series models and 5200 model have a standard super-efficient 2+ Peak HP motor, 64-oz. wet blade container and laser-cut stainless steel blades. Other commercial blenders have 2+ peak HP motor, such as the PBS Advance, Barboss Advance, and drink machine advance. All the vitamix blenders come with tamper designed specially for them.


  • Differences

The 5200, CIA Pro Series and the Pro Series 200, all possess 10- step variable speed control. The pro series 500 also has pulse control, 3 programmed settings and variable speed control function. Commercial blenders have controlling functions depending upon their use.


  • Accessories

The super and deluxe packages of 5200 come with additional containers. Both the packages have a 32- oz dry container that can also be used for kneading dough. The deluxe package also contains additional 32 – oz wet blade container.


To compare with otherb rand like Blendtec, both the companies produce some expensive products. Blenders of vitamix vary from $299 to $689 with an average price of $484.

While Blendtec models range between $279 to $1035 with an average price of about $555.


7 Smoothie Recipes Using Blender

 7 Smoothie Recipes Using Blender

Tired of tasting the same old smoothie flavours? This summer enhance your taste by making some new smoothies as they are easy to make and are so cheerful and delightful. Here are some new smoothie recipes that you can try at home using your blender:


  • Banana-Oat Protein Smoothie

Bananas contain potassium which helps in protecting your heart and promotes calcium absorption. This energy is perfect before you go for strenuous workout to gain energy. It will also help you in sustain the blood sugar and in preventing muscle cramps. The recipe is quite easy to make which will take about 5 minutes only.



  • Rolled oats – 2 tablespoons
  • Bananas – 2
  • Unsweetened almond milk – 1 Cup
  • Cold water – ½ cup
  • Honey – 1 teaspoon
  • Cinnamon – ¼ teaspoon
  • Ice cubes – 4


To make this smoothie is a piece of cake. Just toss all the ingredients in your blender and blend them until smooth. It will serve 2.

Banana-Oat Protein Smoothie

  • 7 Fruits and Veggies Combo green smoothie

It is really important to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. While some kids go away from the vegetables, this is the cool new way to keep them nourished by adding the fruits and vegetables in your smoothie. Kids always love smoothies.


  • Unsweetened almond milk or coconut water – 1 cup
  • Baby spinach – 1 cup
  • Kale – 1 cup
  • Fresh or frozen mango – 1 cup
  • Cup fresh or frozen pineapple – 1 cup
  • Orange peeled and seeded – 1
  • Lime peeled – 1
  • Cucumber – 1/2
  • Banana – 1
  • Goji berries/mixed berries – 1 tablespoon/ 1/2 cup
  • Flaxseeds (optional) – 1 tablespoon
  • Chia seeds (optional) – 1 tablespoon


Mix all the ingredients and put them into your blender. Now blend all the ingredients until smooth and creamy. It will serve 2.

7 Fruits and Veggies Combo green smoothie

  • Grape berry protein smoothie

Grapes are great source of vitamin C, manganese and potassium. It also contains powerful antioxidants. This grape smoothie will help your body in absorbing all the nutrients.



  • Dry chia seeds – 1 teaspoon
  • Seedless red or purple grapes – 1 ½ cup
  • Blueberries – ½ cup
  • Flaxseed – 1 teaspoon
  • Water – ½ cup


This recipe will take about 5 minutes and will serve 2. What you have to do is just combine all the ingredients and toss them into blender. Blend them untill smooth. Your grape berry smoothie is ready.

Grape berry protein smoothie

  • Spiced Raspberry Cottage Cheese Smoothie

Cottage cheese contains protein and raspberries contain fiber. Oats will help you in keeping your blood sugar steady. And honey will add a flavor.



  • Fresh raspberries (about 1-1/2 cups)
  • 1/2 cup fat-free cottage cheese
  • 2 pitted dates
  • 2 tablespoons old-fashioned rolled oats
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • Pinch ground cinnamon
  • 1 cup ice cubes


Mix all the ingredients in a blender. Blend them untill smooth. This recipe will serve 2.

Spiced Raspberry Cottage Cheese Smoothie


  • Orange creamsicle protein smoothie

This smoothie is good for breakfast and after your work out. One serving of this smoothie will give you 27 grams of protein, healthy dose of vitamin C and calcium.



  • unsweetened almond milk – ½ cup
  • Water – ½ cup
  • Frozen orange juice concentrate – 3 ounces
  • Frozen banana – ½
  • Honey – 1 tablespoon
  • Ice cubes – 3-5
  • Orange zest – 1 teaspoon


Turn on your blender and put all the ingredients into it. Now blend untill smooth. This will take about 5 minutes and will serve 1.

Orange creamsicle protein smoothie

  • Nutty Blackberry smoothie

This smoothie is packed with protein, carb, fiber and calcium.



  • Fresh Blackberries – 1 ½ cup
  • Plain fat-free Greek yogurt – ½ cup
  • Almond butter – 2 tablespon
  • Honey – 2 teaspoons
  • Ice cubes – 1 cup



Put all the ingredients in your blender and turn it on. Blend untill smooth. The combination of Greek yogurt and almond butter will blance the sweet flavor of blackberries.  It serves 2.

Nutty Blackberry smoothie

  • Protein Frosty Shake

This is a gluten free version of frosty.



  • Unsweetened almond milk – 1 cup
  • Banana – ½
  • Ice – 2 cups
  • Xanthan gum – ½ teaspoon
  • Vanilla extract – ¼ teaspoon


This will take about 5 minutes. Toss all the ingredients into a blender and blend them until smooth.s


Smoothies Tips and Tricks

Useful Smoothies Tips and Tricks You Should Consider While Preparing Smoothies

Facing difficulties while making good green smoothies using your current blender? Smoothies should be smooth, otherwise chunky or lumpy smoothie can spoil the pleasure. Here are some useful smoothies tips and trick that you can follow while preparing your smoothie:

  • Choose a smoothie recipe first

The first smoothie tip is  to choose your smoothie recipe first or you will end with confusions and terrible combinations. Choose as per your requirements whether you are on diet, or you want to lose weight or you are looking for protein enriched smoothie or you simply want it for your taste or you just want to replace your meal.  You can ask your friends or check out our website for the recipes.


  • Always add the liquid or water first

The second useful smoothie trick is to add your liquid first. Liquids like juice, coconut oil or water help in creating a vortex that blends the ingredients of smoothie and pulls fruits and leafy vegetables in the blades. Usually it depends on the type of blender or fruits you are using how much water you should use, but it is recommended to use 6-8 ounces of liquids for a smooth smoothie.


  • Add base

Base is something that provides a creamy texture to your smoothie. It basically acts like a body of the smoothie. Bananas are great base and provide your smoothie with creaminess and sweet taste. Other fruits that work as good base are mango, peach, apple and peer. Other options include avocado, chia seed gel, yogurt and nut butters. Fruits that contain water like watermelon and pineapple won’t give you creamy texture. You can add ice to thicken the texture of your smoothie which is full of water laden fruits. It is the easiest and quickest way of doing so.


  • Chop/shred your fruits and then add them to pitcher

Chop your fruits and shred your green leafy vegeis first before putting them in your blender pitcher. Usually powerful blenders  are good at handling large pieces of fruit. But if your blender is not that powerful, then slice your fruits and then adding a little at a time will help.


  • Optional Add ons

At this point, you can take your smoothie to a different level of nutrition and taste.  You can add spices, salt or natural sweeteners, super foods, etc to your smoothie. As soon as you develop your skills, you yourself will know which one to add in order to make it super smoothie.


  • Make use of pulse button

This is my favorite smoothie trick: Make use of the pulse button. The pulse features offers the ingredients in your blender a powerful nudge to get things going.   It helps in blending larger pieces and crushing ice. It also boosts the speed and dislodges pieces of fruit that get stuck.


  • Using different blending speeds

Trying different blending speeds will blend the fruits and veggies more easily. Start by blending on low speed and and then increase your speed after 20-30 seconds. If you still feel the need of pushing the ingredients around, then stop and then again start with low speed. Add extra liquid if you find it hard to blend green smoothie. Total blend time is about 30 – 60 seconds depending upon your ingredients.

After reading all these helpful smoothie tips and tricks, it’s now time to make an amazing smoothie. This poster features 8 healthy smoothie recipes. Enjoy:

8 smoothie recipes

This Smoothie Takes Your Stress Away

Stress can be anything that poses a threat or a challenge to our well being. We generally tend to use the word “stress” when things seem to become too much for us and we start wondering whether or not can we cope with the situation. At this point, stress buster can help you to relax. Stress buster can be any product, practice, system, etc that is designed to alleviate stress and can be of great help during the times when you are at a lot of stress.

Following is the recipe for the stress buster smoothie which will not only be great in taste but will also help you to release the stress and make you calm and composed.


• Blueberries – 150 grams
• Small Banana – 1
• Low fat natural yogurt – 200 ml
• Ground Flaxseed – 1 tablespoon
• A pinch of cinnamon
• Ice to blend

Use a high speed blender and whiz all the ingredients together until smooth and creamy and your stress buster smoothie is ready to be consumed.
Serve immediately and enjoy.
Now, while this stress buster smoothie is very easy to prepare, tastes great as well and certainly helps you to chill, but the ingredients of this recipe provide a lot of health benefits as well.

Blueberries – Like cranberries, blueberries also contain compounds that prevent bacteria from adhering to bladder walls which eventually are very helpful to treat urinary tract infection. Moreover, blueberries get their blue hue from the anthocyanins. These are known to attack the cancer causing free radicals and can even block the growth of tumor cells. It is also very good for your brain.

Bananas – Bananas are caloric dense fruit and consuming one banana can make you feel very energetic. It is a very good source of potassium and magnesium which is heart protective, helps in maintaining blood pressure and is good for your bone health as well. Bananas also protect against stomach ulcers as they have an antacid effect.

Yogurt – Yogurt is an excellent source of protein and is easier to digest than milk. Eight ounces of plain yogurt contains ten to fourteen grams of protein. It can also help to lower the blood cholesterol. It is also a rich source of calcium. Absorption of calcium in the body is increased by the live active cultures in yogurt and that is a reason why yogurt gets more calcium in your body than milk does.

Flaxseed – They are a rich source of micronutrients, dietary fiber, manganese, Vitamin B1 and the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid which is also known as ALA or omega-3. Flaxseeds can also help lower the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease besides being a source of healthy fat, antioxidants and fiber.

Cinnamon – Cinnamon is very helpful to treat muscle spasms, diarrhea, vomiting, infections, and loss of appetite, common cold and erectile dysfunction. It is also helpful in lowering blood sugar and is capable of fighting against bacterial and fungal infections.

Because of the above mentioned benefits of the ingredients of stress buster smoothie you can have this treat as frequent as you like because you can be certain that every time you consume this stress buster smoothie, you are not only cutting down your stress but you are also getting a lot of health benefit out of it.

How To Choose A Blender

How To Choose A Blender (Factors You Should Consider Before You Buy A Blender)

how to choose a blender

Blender is one of the most important kitchen tools. It is important to choose your blender wisely as a good blender will not only save your time but will also give a better final product. A good blender is what that can help you with many things such as whipping up whole grain waffles, blending salad dressings, making good deserts or making thick and creamy smoothies. There are several factors that you should consider before buying a blender, which are:

1. Types of blenders

There is a large variety of blenders available in the market. Some possess basic functions while some can even process hard foods or prepare soup. It is not necessary that all the expensive ones are better. There are some less-expensive models also that are competent at several tasks. Choose the one that suits your needs. Mostly blenders are electronic and cordless models make it more convenient for you to prepare your dish. It is also important to know that prices, styling and the word “professional” don’t assure excellent performance.

2. Blenders that serve your purpose

If you need a blender for making smoothies and frozen drinks only, then go for the one with at least 500 watts of power along with ice crushing blade. For the purpose of chopping and grinding, go for the one with chopping blade and processing functions. Other than this a normal standard blender will serve all the regular purposes like blending, stirring, pureeing and mixing tasks.

3. Jug, Jar or Container features

Jars or containers usually come in plastic, glass or stainless steel. Plastics jugs are usually durable and light in weight. There are two types of plastic containers, Polycarbonate and Co-polyester BPA free. But, the US Food and Drug Administration and other international agencies have banned the use of BPA as it contains toxics. A glass container is more stable and heavier. Glass is also easier to keep clean as plastic jars may get scratches and may absorb the smell of the food. On the other hand stainless steel jar is good but you will not be able to see how the blending is going on. For the purpose of crushing ice, you must go for stainless steel blades.

4. Immersion or Hand Blenders

Unlike jar blenders, hand blenders which are also known as stick blenders offer more convenience of blending, pureeing and mixing your stuff in a bowl or in a hot pan on the stove. They have smaller blades which can handle even small portions. They are easy to carry and some come with handy wall racks. They ideally serve the purpose for pureeing cooked food, creaming soups, blending drinks, etc.

5. Blades

Manufacturers offer two types of blades, wet blades for liquid and dry blades for grinding grains. Dry blades pull the mixture down which is important while grinding grains and mixing dough. Wet blades are god for blending liquid or wet ingredients. There is also a multifunction blade that serves both the purposes. Go for the blender where you can detach the blades as this will make it easier to clean your blender.

top blender expert reviews


Some general information about the blenders:

1. If you want more stability, go for blenders with wide metal base.

2. It is highly recommended to go for wide open glass pitchers for easy cleaning and scratch resistance.

3. You can clean the touch pads with more ease than push buttons. You can also easily wipe out the spilled residue.

4. 3-16 speeds are norm, but more are not necessarily better. Go for the one with 3 well distinguished speeds, as they are easy to recognise. Too many distinguishers can confuse you.

5. It is important to consider your budget also. First decide what kind of blender do you want and then look for the features that are important to you. Naturally the more the functions a blender possess, the higher the cost. Consider the advantages of the accessories that can save your cost in buying another appliance.

Top Blenders on Amazon:

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Top Discounted Blender on Amazon:

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Welcome to Top Blenders Review!

Do you love smoothies? Then you know a good blender is a must for you! There are too many blenders in the market, but most of them don’t give the results they promised. Here we test and review blenders to find the best blenders for your budget, and you can trust the results you get. We’ll also share creative smoothie, soup and dip recipes to love your blenders even more!