vitamix reviews

Although you can find some vitamix reviews on Amazon, Google and even Youtube, most of them look like sale pitches rather than expert, third party reviews. We try to be as honest as possible in this Vitamix review. Vitamix has created a niche in the market for it’s products. Blenders of vitamix offer so many functions that make life easier. From 7 years warranty to larger pitcher for more space for fruits and vegetables to different speeds that maximize extracts of fruits and vegetables, all these functions make Vitamix a top brand in the blender market.

vitamix reviews
vitamix reviews

Favorable reviews:

Although these blenders and juicers are quite high in price but they offer more and different functions when compared with other regular juicers and blenders. For high price, you can buy these products on instalments as some websites or showrooms offer interest free instalments. You can even make nut butters using vitamix blender which you can not make with any other regular blender. Whenever you buy something you should check the drawbacks first then favorable functions. The best part in vitamix blenders and juicers is that they are less likely to offer any drawback and if something wrong goes, they take care of it without any delay.

The jars of vitamix products have more snug fitting lids and machines are more powerful than other blenders. These machines can do a lot more than just juicing and making sweet drinks. Along with making amazing pasta sauces, pestos and savory dips you can also puree roasted eggplant to add to chicken stock for soup. If you don’t like making variety of dishes and just stick to morning smoothies or juices, then you may not require this much of power. It is good for those who love experimenting and making different dishes using fresh ingredients. It is way above an average kitchen blender.

Generally, when you make juices, you loss all the fibers, but vitamix blender give you superb texture and at the same time you get all the fibers, vitamins and nutrients. The lid does not let your juice or smoothie leak out of the jar. Vitamix also manufacture their products with an additional tool called tamper which is a patented accessory. This tool helps you mix the ingredients while blending. With the help of tamper, you can mix and blend the bigger ingredients with ease. Electronic controls of vitamix blenders are very soft to touch that even an elderly person can operate it. You can also create your own ice creams using the recipe book offered by vitamix with their blenders. Moreover, to make soups, you don’t need to have oven or stoves. Your vitamix blender is capable enough of making a health soup for you and your kids.

Critics review:

1-Some people feel the burning smell while blending. The customer support agents say that the smell comes during first few uses due to burning of rubber or oils. Spending this much of amount and going through bad smell is not worth it.

2- The pitcher is not dishwasher safe.

3- Another drawback is that the base does not have strong lock. Though it has a rubber base to keep it from sliding but when in water it moves a lot and you have to hold it tightly.

4- The height of blender can also be unfavourable factor for some people. It is too tall to be fitted in your sink to wash it.

5- High Price- If you are simply looking for a juicer for easy and simple juice and smoothy recipes, then perhaps you are not the target audience for Vitamix blenders.