Vitamix CIA Professional Series Expert Review

 Vitamix CIA Professional Series: Pros And Cons Along With Comparison With Other Similar Products Of The Same Range

About Vitamix

Vitamix which is family owned and operated since 1921 is a leader of industry in high-performance blending technology and provides blending equipments of highest quality to its customer and foodservice industry in more than 80 countries through out the world. Every product is manufactured with finest materials, examined using finest strategy. That is why Vitamix has been recognised for its cutting-edge product innovation by magazines and award organizations.

It is trusted by more professional chefs and other chain restaurants than any other brand for creating various flavourful, delicious and fresh dishes using whole food ingredients. You can use it for making your breakfast, lunch and dinner along with quick preparation of various smoothies, drinks, nut butters, frozen deserts and salsas for your everyday life.

Vitamix joined with the Culinary Institute of America to design the CIA Professional Series which is the only blender trusted by the CIA to train the next generation of professional chefs. It has powerful motor and variable speed control that makes it stand out of the other bunches of blenders. However there are some cons and pros of using vitamix products which are mentioned below:

Vitamix CIA Professional Series



  • Risk-free trial

Vitamix is so confident about the excellent immediate performance of its products that it offers its customers risk free 30 days in-home trial. You can own a vitamix blender and you will experience comfort. Return it within 30 days and you will get full refund. Vitamix even pays for return shipping. You can try it and be sure of keeping it and you have ample of time to do so.


  • 7 Year warranty

Vitamix blenders come with 7 years of warranty on all the parts of the machine. A “machine” includes a motor, blender base and any containers purchased together. There is no requirement for separate registration of warranty, once you have bought it, you are automatically covered. The warranty is tied to the serial number you can find at the bottom of the blender base.


  • CIA Professional Series does not overheat

There lies a cooling fan alongside the thermal protection system which ensures that your blender does not overheat no matter how long it is used. The cooling fan is in synch with the blades to provide proportional cooling depending upon how hard the motor is running. The blender is smartly made that it automatically turns off if it feels the risk of burnout to prevent any mishappening in the kitchen.


  • Comes with recipe books

On purchase of any Vitamix CIA Professional Series blender, you will get some recipe books free to help you get started. There are many recipes available online on vitamix site, some of which are designed by professionals. So you can try your own style at your own comfort. Moreover, all the recipes are guaranteed to be healthy. So you don’t have to worry about your healthy, just enjoy the taste.


  • Tamper

Tamper is an ingenious device, patented by vitamix, to serve two purposes. The first purpose is to allow you to easily blend frozen and whole uncut ingredients by manually pressing them down into the blades. It will help you save time and money.

Second purpose is to prevent the formation of air pockets while blending which is also called cavitation. You don’t have to switch it off or shake the container or use spoon to remove the air pockets like you do in other blenders. The tamper will allow you to do the same while your blender is running. The tamper comes only in vitamix which is why it is more preferred over other brands.


  • Cleaning is easy

In order to clean your vitamix blender, you just have to add a few drops of dish wash detergent inside the container or jar with warm water. Then run your blender on high speed for about 45 seconds. Rinse it off with lukewarm water after it is done, then leave it to dry.


  • Capacity

The blender has a large capacity container which can accommodate up to 64 ounces of ingredients. And the blender performs brilliantly without any trouble even if you fill it with 64 ounces of ingredients.




  • Price

You can’t get a vitamix CIA Professional series blender for cheap. If you are planning to make smoothies for short term like 2-3 months and then you would not want to spend $450 to buy a blender. However, if you are planning for long term, then it is a great deal. Alternatively, you can use it for 30 days as free home trial.


  • Noise

The blender can create so much noise pollution. It can be very loud when it is used at higher speed settings. This is because motor of vitamix blender produces upward of 2 Horsepower. If you are residing at a place where noise can be a risk, then you should avoid buying it. The next series of 7500 and 750 models of vitamix are considered to make slightly less noise. (Buy a Vitamix 750 Series on Amazon here)


  • Chopping large solid foods

This blender lags behind a bit when it comes to chopping large amount of solid foods. You will have to cut the ingredients into small pieces for smooth blending of the ingredients. It can add more steps to your task ad can consume more time. You got the blender to minimize your work, then why to do this many of steps?


  • Height

The height of vitamix blenders is about 20 inches. They are hard to adjust in the sink and kitchen cabinets. That is why people go for other brands to make it easy to wash their blenders.


Comaprison With Other Products Of The Same Range

The 5200 range of blender varies from $449 to $649. The PRO Series 500 sells for $599, CIA Pro sells for $499 and Pro Series 200 sells for $449. Here are some points on comparisons among these models:

  • Professional, Consumer and Commercial

These lines are for different group of audiences. The vitamix 5200 is the latest model of the company which is designed for long-term use at home. It comes in various options such as basic, super, and deluxe, each of which has something different to offer in accessories. The professional series of vitamix was designed for professionals and chefs. It consists of the CIA Pro Series, Pro Series 200, and Pro Series 500. While on the other hand commercial models are only available through restaurant supply companies. Home models are made versatile but not commercial ones.


  • Similarities

All the prod series models and 5200 model have a standard super-efficient 2+ Peak HP motor, 64-oz. wet blade container and laser-cut stainless steel blades. Other commercial blenders have 2+ peak HP motor, such as the PBS Advance, Barboss Advance, and drink machine advance. All the vitamix blenders come with tamper designed specially for them.


  • Differences

The 5200, CIA Pro Series and the Pro Series 200, all possess 10- step variable speed control. The pro series 500 also has pulse control, 3 programmed settings and variable speed control function. Commercial blenders have controlling functions depending upon their use.


  • Accessories

The super and deluxe packages of 5200 come with additional containers. Both the packages have a 32- oz dry container that can also be used for kneading dough. The deluxe package also contains additional 32 – oz wet blade container.


To compare with otherb rand like Blendtec, both the companies produce some expensive products. Blenders of vitamix vary from $299 to $689 with an average price of $484.

While Blendtec models range between $279 to $1035 with an average price of about $555.