How To Choose A Blender

How To Choose A Blender (Factors You Should Consider Before You Buy A Blender)

how to choose a blender

Blender is one of the most important kitchen tools. It is important to choose your blender wisely as a good blender will not only save your time but will also give a better final product. A good blender is what that can help you with many things such as whipping up whole grain waffles, blending salad dressings, making good deserts or making thick and creamy smoothies. There are several factors that you should consider before buying a blender, which are:

1. Types of blenders

There is a large variety of blenders available in the market. Some possess basic functions while some can even process hard foods or prepare soup. It is not necessary that all the expensive ones are better. There are some less-expensive models also that are competent at several tasks. Choose the one that suits your needs. Mostly blenders are electronic and cordless models make it more convenient for you to prepare your dish. It is also important to know that prices, styling and the word “professional” don’t assure excellent performance.

2. Blenders that serve your purpose

If you need a blender for making smoothies and frozen drinks only, then go for the one with at least 500 watts of power along with ice crushing blade. For the purpose of chopping and grinding, go for the one with chopping blade and processing functions. Other than this a normal standard blender will serve all the regular purposes like blending, stirring, pureeing and mixing tasks.

3. Jug, Jar or Container features

Jars or containers usually come in plastic, glass or stainless steel. Plastics jugs are usually durable and light in weight. There are two types of plastic containers, Polycarbonate and Co-polyester BPA free. But, the US Food and Drug Administration and other international agencies have banned the use of BPA as it contains toxics. A glass container is more stable and heavier. Glass is also easier to keep clean as plastic jars may get scratches and may absorb the smell of the food. On the other hand stainless steel jar is good but you will not be able to see how the blending is going on. For the purpose of crushing ice, you must go for stainless steel blades.

4. Immersion or Hand Blenders

Unlike jar blenders, hand blenders which are also known as stick blenders offer more convenience of blending, pureeing and mixing your stuff in a bowl or in a hot pan on the stove. They have smaller blades which can handle even small portions. They are easy to carry and some come with handy wall racks. They ideally serve the purpose for pureeing cooked food, creaming soups, blending drinks, etc.

5. Blades

Manufacturers offer two types of blades, wet blades for liquid and dry blades for grinding grains. Dry blades pull the mixture down which is important while grinding grains and mixing dough. Wet blades are god for blending liquid or wet ingredients. There is also a multifunction blade that serves both the purposes. Go for the blender where you can detach the blades as this will make it easier to clean your blender.

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Some general information about the blenders:

1. If you want more stability, go for blenders with wide metal base.

2. It is highly recommended to go for wide open glass pitchers for easy cleaning and scratch resistance.

3. You can clean the touch pads with more ease than push buttons. You can also easily wipe out the spilled residue.

4. 3-16 speeds are norm, but more are not necessarily better. Go for the one with 3 well distinguished speeds, as they are easy to recognise. Too many distinguishers can confuse you.

5. It is important to consider your budget also. First decide what kind of blender do you want and then look for the features that are important to you. Naturally the more the functions a blender possess, the higher the cost. Consider the advantages of the accessories that can save your cost in buying another appliance.

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